This is the primary focus of the Whicker’s World Foundation.

Funding Award AWARDS

Applications open in September 2016

Each year £80,000 will be awarded to a new director with the most promising pitch for an authored documentary which fulfils the core criteria of the foundation and can be completed for screening with this award.

The money will be paid in instalments to the director’s film company, enabling a project which deserves to be realised, to reach as wide an audience as possible.

A second award of £15,000 will be granted to contribute to a film fund for a runner-up.


In addition to the Funding Award there are two further annual prizes to recognise completed work: the ‘Audio Award’ and the ‘Sage Award’, the latter of which is for the finest industry newcomer over the age of fifty.

Audio Doc AWARDS

Applications open in September 2016

Alan worked in radio before TV and was snapped up by Radio 2 in the late 1990s, adding what Jim Moir, the Controller from 1996 to 2003, described as “great lustre to my network”. Initially Alan’s radio programmes revolved around re-visiting his most memorable encounters from Whicker’s World: from the ‘Ten Pound Poms’ to Margaret Rutherford’s transsexual adoptee who ‘gave birth’ to a mixed-race daughter in South Carolina. He went on to create a radio history of television called It’ll Never Last.

The Whicker’s World Foundation will award an annual £4,000 prize for the best audio project. A runner-up will receive £1,000.

Vet Award AWARDS

Applications open in September 2016

Retirement’ was not a word Alan knew. He was 83 when he wrote and presented Whicker’s War, a much acclaimed account of his army experiences in Italy for Channel 4. He made his last series for BBC Two, Journey of a Lifetime, in his late eighties. Persistently irritated by any reference to his age, he came to abhor the casual ageism he saw around him.

To help recognise a TV or audio professional who has come to air with an authored story for the first time, an annual prize of £4,000 will be awarded annually with an over 50 qualification age.

Submissions of no more than 10 minutes; this can be for presentation or production, but must be their own work.

A runner-up will receive £1,000.