About The Awards in General


Whicker’s World was all about travel, so are these awards for travel shows?

No. Whicker’s World has always been about the people rather than the places and this legacy exists to support documentary-makers who can introduce us to wondrous ‘new worlds’ whether or not they are across the globe or across the room. You can read more about this on our criteria page.

Do I need to pay to enter?

No, we have scrapped the entry fee for all award categories.

Why does this submission need to be in English?

English has become one of the main international languages of documentary-making. Moreover we would like to think that successful applicants to The Funding Award may one day see their work being broadcast on UK Television, the original home of Whicker’s World. This is more likely if it is in English.

Do I need to be a UK citizen to apply?

No, we accept applications worldwide.

Do you accept audio slide shows?

Not for the Funding Award, no. However, we would consider a slide show that has been published online within the previous year for the Audio Awards. Please be aware though: the audio judges will be focusing on the soundtrack and not the visuals.

Can I apply through the post rather than online?

We are an online organisation and we really want to discourage this. However, if there is no other way please email for a postal address.

Please note that if we do allow you to apply this way we will not be able to return audio visual materials.

What do you mean when you say you are looking for “authored” work?

The phrase Alan used himself for this was “Signed” documentary. It meant that he himself, in person, stood by whatever was said or done in the programme and that Whicker’s World was just that, the world from Alan’s point of view as he interacted within it. This was true even when it appeared that those he met were doing all the talking and when he hardly appeared on screen. In the same spirit we are looking for your take on another world that remains truthful, professional and acknowledges other points of view. We are also looking for wit and flair in the way you script, edit, select and juxtapose your contributors and perhaps reinvent, or stretch, the grammar of the form to new heights. In other words, we are looking for a story well told. In this way a documentary with no presenter or narrator may still be considered ‘authored’.

When is the deadline?

The deadline for our awards is 31st January 2018.

How do I apply?

It should all be on the ‘Apply’ page on our website menu.


About The Film & TV Funding Award


How long will the application form for The Film & TV Funding Award of £80,000 take me?

Please be prepared to set aside some time for this. The Funding Award application is a thorough process which requires you to provide a 2,000 word proposal as well as answer questions about your own background and motivation. The application also requires you to upload a Vimeo of a trailer or teaser clips to illustrate your work and provide the details of the executive producer who will act as a referee and your mentor. For more details on the information we require, please visit our form information page.

Why do I need to provide a trailer with my application for The Film & TV Funding Award?

As well as your idea on the page, we are also judging your ability to realise it in sound and vision. The audio visual material you provide will give us clues to your style, professionalism, storytelling gifts and the characters you have researched. If you are shortlisted we plan to exhibit your trailer as part of an open pitching event at Sheffield Documentary Festival in June in front of broadcasters and commissioners. This trailer is the most valuable ‘calling card’ you can have.

Is there an age limit for any of the awards?

No, all of our awards are open to applicants of all ages.

I am currently applying for other sources of funding for my project, am I still eligible to apply?

Yes. However, in order for The Whicker’s World Foundation to maintain its non-commercial rights as the majority fund holder, you may only apply if other funding awards are less than £80,000 in total and doesn’t diminish the rights required for the foundation.

Why do I need to have a production company to apply?

This is to safeguard you and The Whicker’s World Foundation by insuring that the project can be properly audited so that there is never any doubt that the funding has been spent in the right way. Any money we donate will need to go into a Project Account for your film.

Hold on though..In section 4.3 of the Application Form it says that if you don’t have access to a production company you may consider registering with a ‘fiscal sponsor’ instead. What’s that?

Well spotted. Fiscal Sponsorship is a contractual arrangement under tax law that helps you raise and organise funding and manage your project financially. The Fiscal Sponsorship model is an often used method of managing nonprofit funding in the arts and media. There are various fiscal sponsorship programmes available for a small fee to documentary makers. Be careful if searching online to check they are providing their services to those registered under UK or US tax law.

If successful, do I receive the £80,000 funding in one instalment?

No. Once you have agreed the deliverables with The Whicker’s World Foundation you will receive £30,000. The next payment of £20,000 will be delivered once the principal filming has been completed. The third payment of £20,000 will be delivered when there is a rough cut. The last arrives £10,000 after the fine cut. You can find more information about this in the Terms & Conditions document in The Film & TV Funding Award application.


About The Other Awards


How long will the application form for the DARA (Documentary Audio Recognition Award) and RAFA (Radio and Audio Funding Award) take me?

These application forms are less detailed than The Film & TV Funding Award. However, they still ask for a synopsis of up to a 1,000 characters and a downloadable and password protected link to your work.

They also require information about where it was originally broadcast or published. For more details please visit our form information page.


About Our Support for Orbis Eye Charity

Why has the Whicker’s World Foundation also supported the provision of free eye care in partnership with the charity Orbis International for children in Uttar Pradesh, India?

The primary function of the Whicker’s World Foundation is to empower the next generation of documentary makers with a vision for an authored story through grant aid. However, we are also about ‘vision’ in the literal sense.

Having spent a lifetime reporting around the world, Alan was very aware of his own good fortune. Being a very visual person, he wanted some part of his legacy to be spent alleviating eye problems in areas where health care was beyond the reach of the poorest and least accessible communities. 
Orbis, with their outreach programmes and pioneering approach to eye care proved to be the perfect partner for the Whicker’s World Foundation to achieve his wishes.
Identified early, 80% of paediatric blindness is avoidable – a simple operation changes not just one life, but a family, and a village, a simple operation can even change an economy.

The Vision Van, equipped and financed by WWF, takes eye examination into schools and villages in rural areas where problems are identified and action taken. Supplying the right glasses can ensure that a child ‘s life is transformed while serious cases requiring surgery are referred to the splendidly equipped CL Gupta Eye Institute in Moradabad.